Though she appeared calm and always in control,
Doris secretly worried that eventually someone
would discover there was a midget living in her dress.

Betsy was terribly disappointed. The annual bake sale
was over and no one had bought her Meat Pie Head. 
“Next year I’ll go easier on the beard,” she thought. 

Everyone noticed that Bob was underdressed for
the office photo.

Even though they were hopelessly lost, Roger refused to
listen to Mimi’s pleas to ask someone for directions….  

Oh, there was trouble in paradise alright. Adam was tired of
listening to Eve’s demands to put down the toilet seat and Eve
was getting fed up with Adam’s subtle hints for more oral sex.

  • RxJones

    “Yeah, this branch seems study enough.” Still, it’s hard to subtle when oral sex is on the line. RxJ

    • mikethewriterguy

      It’s also hard to be subtle in the bible. And when you add biblical oral sex to the mix, it’s practically crammed down our throats. Wait, I may need to rephrase that.

  • Pat

    All I know is you are FUNNY as all get out! I could read you all day. You should do stand up. Its been a delightful little break from the chores of the afternoon.

    • mikethewriterguy

      Thanks, Pat! Very kind of you to say.