Dudes Look Like Old Ladies

  • http://www.thealders.net/blogs Doug Alder


    • http://mikethewriterguy.com/ mikethewriterguy

      Roll on the floor laughing my Aerosmith off…? 😉

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=511082896 Lamont James Andrews

    ha ha ha ha fucking awesome!

    • http://mikethewriterguy.com/ mikethewriterguy

      Up next: You, me, Dante and Virgil.

  • Janet

    Well done Mike! But they are still my all time favourite band!!!! YOU!

    • http://mikethewriterguy.com/ mikethewriterguy

      Thank you, Janet. Your favourite? Hmm, I suspect Alien Sex Fiend will be terribly disappointed to hear this. Those poor folks need all the fans they can get whereas Aerosmith are just rolling in them. 😉

  • Mubarakrana


    • http://mikethewriterguy.com/ mikethewriterguy

      Agreed. Fine senior citizens like Edna Whelthorpe and Millicent Bodsworth deserve our respect. I for one truly hope they can sort this whole nasty chocolate biscuit incident out and once again restore their friendship and get back to playing bridge and sharing stories about their grandchildren. Bless their cotton socks.

  • Donaldo Cordero de la Torre

    Another crack pipe weekend Mike??? Very funny indeed……

    • http://mikethewriterguy.com/ mikethewriterguy

      Haha! I actually switched over to carpenter’s glue. It has a delightfully fragrant aroma and subtle oaky aftertaste.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=592466234 Jennifer Prioletti Monroe

    I am sending this message from my texting machine from the future. Aerosmith is not my favorite, but because I heard them a lot during my formative years, they have sort of a visceral effect on me. My viscera gets all affected, I mean. And by “affected,” I mean it gets chopped up into little pieces about *this* big. So I was formed by Aerosmith, Toys in the Attic, specifically, and so was Liv Tyler formed by Aerosmith, and IT WAS GOOD. Excellent, in fact. I think there should be a paternity test, but that’s just me.

    • http://mikethewriterguy.com/ mikethewriterguy

      Thank you for your comment earthling from the future known as Jennifer.

      As a wee sprog, I too was raised on a diet of Rocks and Toys In The Attic. It was, I will admit, rather tasty at times. But everything that came after those first two courses was just so much rock n’ roll broccoli (nasty going down the ears, but unlike broccoli, it wasn’t good for me).
      Re. the paternity test. Agreed. I’m sure you future beings must have invented some sort of non-intrusive radio-electric wand to check these things. At least that’s how I imagine the future. Oh, and also, flying cars with bubble tops. Like the Jetsons!

      Speaking of music, we went and saw Dead Can Dance last night. Wow…!